Health Resort / Sanatorium “Solnechnaya Dolina - Polyana” | Украина (Transcarpathian Region, Svalyavsky Region)

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Solnechnaya Dolina - Polyana

rating: Prestige | location: Украина (Transcarpathian Region, Svalyavsky Region)

Sanatorium Solnechnaya Dolina  is a unique health-improving treatment complex located in the area of the SPA resort Polyana.  Surrounded by dramatic Carpathian Mountains, the sanatorium is 340 meters above sea level. Set in the valley of the river Bolshaya Pynya (valley of the river Latoritsa), Solnechnaya Dolina occupies 7500 square meters of land. The town of Svalyava is in 11 km from the sanatorium.