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Hotels of the Carpathians, Ukraine, tours to the Carpathians Health Resort / Sanatorium `Solnechnaya Dolina - Polyana' [Украина (Transcarpathian Region, Svalyavsky Region)]

Rating: Prestige

Health Resort / Sanatorium “Solnechnaya Dolina - Polyana” | Украина (Transcarpathian Region, Svalyavsky Region)

Sanatorium Solnechnaya Dolina  is a unique health-improving treatment complex located in the area of the SPA resort Polyana.  Surrounded by dramatic Carpathian Mountains, the sanatorium is 340 meters above sea level. Set in the valley of the river Bolshaya Pynya (valley of the river Latoritsa), Solnechnaya Dolina occupies 7500 square meters of land. The town of Svalyava is in 11 km from the sanatorium.   


Accommodation is offered in a modern 4-storey building. The hotel has 53 rooms of different rating (36 double / twin rooms, 4 junior suites, 8 suites, 2 luxury suites, 3 apartments).

Each hotel room has modern digital telephones, cable TV, safe boxes, each room has exit to the balcony. Modern room design is complimented by natural wooden furniture. Besides extra services include restaurant room service, laundry, tickets booking and transfer services.


Thprice includes FB plan - three meals or five meals a day. Meals are served in the restaurant; dietary menu. The number of meals in the diet (3 or 5 meals) is prescribed by your sanatorium doctor depending on the condition of the patient and his/her disease. For the residents of "apartments" and "suites" meals are served in a detached dining hall.

Menu for children is available.

Water supply

Cold and hot water is available 24-hour.


Reflux esophagitis from mild to moderate form , excluding acute conditions;

Chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency from mild to moderate form , excluding acute conditions;

Chronic gastroduodenitis derangement of secretory and motor-evacuation function of the stomach;

Functional disorders of gastric secretion derangement of motor activity ("non-ulcer dyspepsia");

Gastric ulcer disease and duodenal ulcer in remission or fading exacerbation, motor insufficiency of the stomach; excluding state of: bleeding, penetration and suspicion of tumour;

Intestine diseases post-operation conditions: post ulcer and duodenum operations, dumping syndrome, hypoglycemic syndrome, (mild or moderate forms); gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, enterocolitis no earlier than two months after the operation (on condition of healed scar and positive feeling;

Chronic enterocolitis and colitis of various etiology, except stenosing, ulcers, tuberculosis, bacterial and parasitic forms; dyskinesia, intestinal stasis or diarrhea excluding acute conditions;

-Chronic liver bile ducts diseases of different etiologies: hepatitis, cholecystitis, angiocholitis, in the inactive phase, without frequent exacerbations, without signs of jaundice; residual effects after Botkin's disease in the inactive phase, dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract, spasm of Oddi sphincter;
Nephrolithiasis if it is not complicated by infection or frequent exacerbations;
In addition to the main treatment course we offer treatment of concomitant : diabetes, cardiology problems,  gynecology and urology diseases, musculoskeletal dysfunctions, weight loss.
Treatment begins by finding the reason of the disease, so if you will have the opportunity to be screened leading medical diagnostics equipment brands. In addition, the LDC Solnechnaya Dolina is the only place in the Carpathian region, where you can undergo a video capsule endoscopy test.


3 restaurants (110 places), cafe-bar (20 places), conference hall for 100 places with audio and video facilities, Internet access devices, laundry, hairdresser’s salon, ATM,

(Payment by credit cards Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard, AMEX). Left luggage room, doorman, laundry room. Order a taxi, transfers, gym, indoor swimming pool. Car parking with video surveillance, a private security service. Car rent, 24-hour medical assistance, call an ambulance.

Room Service:
Mini-bars, morning alarm services by  request of the guest, daily housekeeping, in-room safe, cable TV, telephone, WI-FI;

Business center:
Acceptance and delivery of correspondence, receiving and sending by fax.

Information center is operating where you can obtain full information about the list of services to make your stay fun and exciting.

Sport and Entertainment

Indoor heated swimming pool, summer grounds for rest, children’s trampoline, gym with weight training machines, sauna, oriental baths "Hammam".

There is an belly dance teacher at the hotel. In solnechnaya Dolina you can attend belly dance lessons  to feel the harmony of lady's body and soul.

Nearest Ski Lifts:

Dormitory and medical treatment building are adjoined to each other.

Medical services

Treatment is based on use of unique mineral water Polyana Kvasova. Hydro sodium carbonic mineral water of Nivopolyanskoy type is analogue to well-known Borjomi. Water is high in boron and fluorine. Use of  Polyana Kvasova causes alkalization of human organism by balancing  acid in the stomach and oral cavity. Polyana Kvasova brings Ph normalization of blood and urine. It produces choleretic and diuretic effect, normalization of carbohydrate and adipose metabolism, antacids (acid neutralizing) effect due to the buffering properties of mineral water.
Water is pumped out directly from the well to the pump rooms which are located in the residential and the medical buildings.

Medical diagnostic rooms are equipped with modern computer equipment so you can undergo a hematological and biochemical blood tests,  gastro-, column-, fibroscopy, ultrasound test, electrocardiography, computer tests of urine, Ph-metry, immune-enzyme tests.

Sanatorium is focuses on detoxification of human organism (cleaning toxins out of tissues on cellular level), curing chronic fatigue syndrome. The patient undergoes oxygen therapy in hyperbaric chambers (treatment by pure oxygen) during the purification of the organizm. Rehabilitation and rejuvenation is done on cellular level. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in hyperbaric chambers (HBO) increases the curing effectiveness of many diseases.

Hyperbaric oxygenation is used in treatment of:
Blood circulation disturbance, heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease;
Gastro-intestinal tract diseases;
Intensive care and resuscitation;  
Plastic surgery and cosmetology;
Metabolic derangement;
Acute hearing impairment;
Reproductive derangements;
Athletes trainings;

Sanatorium offers services of:
Two herbal bars, a swimming pool, massage rooms, a full range of water treatments: hydrolaser  shower (red, green, ascending), descending, jet shower (Charcot), vacuum, circulation shower, underwater shower massage, mineral, pearl and coniferous baths, geyser etc.

Spa treatment & alternative treatment:

Hirudotherapy - treatment with leeches have been practiced since antiquity. Many thousands years it was the best way to treat many diseases and it is still very effective.
Oriental medicine with its various types of massages and acupuncture is provided by specialists from Vietnam.
Herbal medicine will restore vitality and tranquil nervous system by relieving stress.

- Oriental Baths – Hammam, with natural cosmetics: honey, various salt scrubs, natural massage oils.
- “Stone massage” – massage with hot stones,
- “Visceral massage” massage of internal organs;
- Wine therapy, chocolate therapy, SPA thermal procedures;
- Services of professional cosmetologists.

Accommodation Terms and Conditions:


General treatment program(Dollar USA)

General treatment program

Period of stay 2-местн Высш кат 2-местн Полулюкс 2-местн 2-комн Люкс 2-местн 2-комн Люкс ПК Apartments
1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room
01.09.2019 .. 31.10.2019 77.50 103.46 93.11 124.16 103.27 137.70 116.82 155.76 142.21 189.62
28.12.2019 .. 12.01.2020 85.78 123.02 102.71 147.10 112.11 160.64 127.16 181.72 155.00 221.60
13.01.2020 .. 22.02.2020 80.13 107.22 95.94 127.92 104.97 139.96 118.51 158.02 144.47 193.00
23.02.2020 .. 25.04.2020 65.09 92.92 78.25 111.74 86.53 123.40 97.82 139.96 119.26 170.42
General treatment program(Euro)

General treatment program

Period of stay 2-местн Высш кат 2-местн Полулюкс 2-местн 2-комн Люкс 2-местн 2-комн Люкс ПК Apartments
1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room 1 person in the room Two people in the room
01.09.2019 .. 31.10.2019 68.42 91.34 82.20 109.60 91.17 121.56 103.12 137.50 125.54 167.38
28.12.2019 .. 12.01.2020 75.72 108.60 90.67 129.86 98.97 141.82 112.26 160.42 136.83 195.62
13.01.2020 .. 22.02.2020 70.74 94.66 84.69 112.92 92.66 123.54 104.62 139.50 127.53 170.38
23.02.2020 .. 25.04.2020 57.46 82.04 69.08 98.64 76.39 108.94 86.35 123.54 105.28 150.46

The price includes

Special Tariff, Carpathians!!! is offered to the clients who purchased the tour for over 21 days. 

Package Basic Program: accommodation, FB – 3 meals a day – restaurant – dietary meals, therapist consultation during your stay at the sanatorium, drinking of mineral water, oxygen foam, use of the swimming pool.  

Package Diagnostics and Rest: accommodation, FB - 3 meals a day– restaurant – dietary meals, therapist consultation during your stay at the sanatorium, complex diagnostics, clinical blood analysis, biochemical blood analysis, cardiogram, ultrasonic of internal organs, drinking of mineral water, oxygen foam, mineral baths, physiotherapeutic and laser therapy according to the indications of the doctor, use of the swimming pool.  

Package All inclusive: accommodation, FB - 3 meals a day– restaurant – dietary meals, mini - hammam, spa - jet, sauna, recreation – prophylactic treatment procedures. List of the procedures included in the price is available in the appendix here.  

The price excludes: insurance

Services available at extra cost: you can choose any of 250 medical treatment procedures (30% discount for all health-improving and treatment procedures) ; we offer sightseeing tours in Transcarpathian region, services of weight room, transportation, car hire.

Please Note!

Tourist medical and accident insurance during your stay in / travel to Ukraine is obligatory and is provided by your Insurance Company.  

Insurance policy should provide a tourist with medical assistance and compensation in case of an insurance accident in the country (place) of his/her temporary residence.

Individual Transfer:


Zakarpattia region, Svalyavsky region, village Polyana, 10 Kurortnaya Street

Variant 1 . By trains
From Kiev No 081K, 099, No 13 Kiev-Uzhgorod;

From Moscow No 015 Moskva-Uzhgorod; No 245 Moscow-Chop

From Odessa No 108Ш Odessa-Uzhgorod

From Lvov: via electric train No 807 Lvov - Mukachevo, No 829 Lvov - Uzhgorod

Get off on the railroad station Svalyava.  Take a public van to village Polyana (20 km).

Variant 2. By passenger car on the highway M06 Kiev-Chop (or E-50 Lvov - Uzhgorod) to the town Svalyava, from there take a highway No Т 0712 to village Polyana - 18 km.

Variant 3. By plane to Lviv or Uzhgorod. Take a transfer to Polyana. 




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