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Rest in Carpathians. The best hotels, spa and sanatoria of the Carpathians Hotel `Slavyanka' [Украина (Skolevsky region)]

Rating: VIP

Hotel “Slavyanka” | Украина (Skolevsky region)

 Nestled in scenic spot on the bank of the river Slavka, hotel Slavyanka is a wonderful place for rest. Hotel Slavyanka offers perfect accommodation in family-friendly environment of wooden cottages-log houses.

Slavyanka offers outdoor rest to any taste and season of rest from skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking, rafting, cycling, and horse riding in spring - summer. Modern facilities include new ski lifts within the territory, convenient car parking, quads, snow mobiles.

Сomfortable hotel rooms, affordable prices, sports entertainment, and health and wellness  procedures will restore your forces and aspire you for new achievements. Hotel Slavyanka is a great combination of wooden architecture and modern comfort.

Eco-hotel Slavyanka is splendidly situated in the ski resort Slavsky, distance to the ski-lift Zkhar Berkut is 2 km. The hotel was recently opened and offers a full range of contemporary ski and in-house facilities.


Complex Slavyanka is 22 guestrooms and cottages of highcomfort which werebuilt of ecological material and equipped with all modern amenities.


Price includes breakfast. Lunch and dinner and served in the restaurant a la carte (Ukrainian cuisine)

Water supply

Cold and hot water is available 24-hour


Two-story restaurant, the upper hall can serve as a conference room, summer terrace with tables, a wood grill, car parking, taxi service, city telephone, satellite TV, a transfer from bus / railroad station to the ski lifts.

Sport and Entertainment

Indoor heated swimming pool (15 m × 7 m), wood sauna with a cold swimming pool and room, billiards room, table tennis, children’s playground, quad rides, fishing, horse riding, biking tours with local instructor-guide, sightseeing tours.

Slavsky in Carpathians is one of the best ski resorts. With many mountains Trostayn, Pogar, Menchul, Politechnik and Vysoki Verkh here you can find a real pleasure for the skiers.


Maps of the ski tracks in Slavsky


Accommodation Terms and Conditions:


Flexible dates of check-in /check-out(Dollar USA)

Hotel building

Period of stay 4-местные Апартаменты Villa с камином 2-местный Suite 6-местный Семейный Family Room
4 чел.в номере 2 чел в номере 6 чел в номере
10.11.2019 .. 26.12.2019 82.60 40.56 70.62
27.12.2019 .. 03.01.2020 137.08 74.36 137.04
04.01.2020 .. 10.01.2020 85.60 44.32 79.62
11.01.2020 .. 14.01.2020 99.52 50.70 99.54
15.01.2020 .. 15.02.2020 85.60 44.32 79.62
16.02.2020 .. 05.03.2020 84.12 42.44 73.62
06.03.2020 .. 09.03.2020 92.00 46.94 91.98
10.03.2020 .. 29.04.2020 84.12 42.44 73.62
Flexible dates of check-in /check-out(Euro)

Hotel building

Period of stay 4-местные Апартаменты Villa с камином 2-местный Suite 6-местный Семейный Family Room
4 чел.в номере 2 чел в номере 6 чел в номере
10.11.2019 .. 26.12.2019 73.56 36.12 62.88
27.12.2019 .. 03.01.2020 122.08 66.22 122.10
04.01.2020 .. 10.01.2020 76.24 39.46 70.92
11.01.2020 .. 14.01.2020 88.64 45.16 88.62
15.01.2020 .. 15.02.2020 76.24 39.46 70.92
16.02.2020 .. 05.03.2020 74.92 37.80 65.58
06.03.2020 .. 09.03.2020 81.96 41.80 81.96
10.03.2020 .. 29.04.2020 74.92 37.80 65.58

The price includes: accommodation, breakfast, indoor swimming pool.

The price excludes: insurance.

Please Note!

Tourist medical and accident insurance during your stay in / travel to Ukraine is obligatory and is provided by your Insurance Company.  

Insurance policy should provide a tourist with medical assistance and compensation in case of an insurance accident in the country (place) of his/her temporary residence.

Individual Transfer:


Lviv region, Skolevsky district, settlement Slavsky, 88 Ustiyanovicha street

Variant 1. By railroad: trains No No 081К,  099К, 505К, 207К, 537К, 531 Kiev-Uzhgorod to the railroad station Slavsky. Then then we offer individual transfer to the hotel Slavyanka (distance from Slavsky railroad station to Slavyanka is 5 km).  By electric train:  electric trail Lviv – Mukachevo, get off at the railroad station Slavsky Then we offer individual transfer to the hotel Slavyanka (5 km)

Variant 2. By car. Take a highway М06 Kiev-Chop to the town of Skole, turn left next to the sign Slavsky (near hotel Svyatoslav). Pass the turn and drive 27 km to the hotel e offer individual transfer to the hotel Slavyankat. Timetable of public van Lviv – Slavsky - 9:15, 13:15, 15:00 from the bus station No 8 (main railroad station of the city of Lviv).

Variant 3. By plane to the cities of Lviv . Distance from Lviv ro Slavsky is 135 km.

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