Health Resort / Sanatorium “Solva” | Украина (Transcarpathian Region, Svalyavsky Region)

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rating: VIP | location: Украина (Transcarpathian Region, Svalyavsky Region)

Sanatorium complex Solva is located in a picturesque nook of Zakarpattia, a region featured for its unique nature, healing climate and great number of mineral springs with creating perfect rest and recreation conditions. Distance from sanatorium complex Solva to village Polyana is 1,7 km, to district town Svalyava is 20 km, to the city of Uzhgorod  is 75 km, to the city of Lvov is 194 km, to the city of Kiev 750 km. Sanatorium complex Svalyava is nested in 340 m above sea level, in a mountain hole Tikhoye.
7-storey main building of the sanatorium centre has original design with medical and SPA clinic on the ground floor, residential rooms located on 3-5 floors and penthouse on the 6th floor.  Medical and SPA clinic offers medicinal procedures to every taste and special course of mineral water drinking.

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