About our firm

Dear Friends and Partners!

Tourists Agency "Laspi" welcomes you in the new tourist season 2008. September 1992 is official Birthday Date of "Laspi". We started up our business sixteen years ago.

Today "Laspi" is the largest Tour Operator in Crimea and keeps for itself the status of authoritative participant of the national tourist market. "Laspi" company actively develops main trends of tourist industry: inbound and outbound tourism, booking of airline and railway tickets, corporate services, congress tourism. It’s our firm with whom a number of Tourist Agencies prefer to cooperate; it is time-tested high quality service and reliability which characterizes "Laspi".

There are two offices in Sevastopol, an office in Kiev and one more in Moscow to the service of the "Laspi" customers, all with highly qualified stuff. We will help you to choose that nook of Crimea where your dream holiday comes true. "Laspi" arranges your rest and make your heart yearn every summer after coming back for a few days in Crimean blessed land.

Believe it, the best rest in Crimea is the rest with "Laspi" Tourist Agency! Our attention will save you from the excessive fuss, you will get our warm welcome and acquainted with our blessed land – our Crimea!

Let the new meetings, good weather, tender sea and a lot of sun will favour your rest here in this hospitable peninsula, our cordial wishes to you!

Respectfully yours, Elena Bajenova,
Executive Director of Tourist Agency "Laspi"

Sevastopol’s office

Irine Serova

deputy executive director

Maksim Valiev


Elena Volodina


Elena Krysko


Polina Kuzenkova



Ivan Zyryanov



Arina Vasilenko

manager of group guide and transport service, railway tickets

Ekaterina Bezdenejnyh


Anna Spitsina


Elena Nikolskaya


Marina Golovaneva

assistant office manager

Moscow’s office

Tatiana Donskova

Senior Manager

Svetlana Haritonova


Kiev’s office

Valentina Kropiviyanskaya

executive director of the Kiev office

Oksana Bibikova


Accounts department

Natalia Zazymkina

accountant general

Oksana Morozova


Anna Gorun

accountant general "CHP Bazhenov"

Darya Grin

economist for the financial work


Vasily Bajenov

Executive engeneer

Andrey Leshov

Web-designer & system administrator

Vladimir Robustov

optimizing and promoting internet project

Department of outbound tourism and airline transport

Arina Panina

executive manager of Department of outbound tourism

Elena Ryazanova

executive manager Department of airline transport

Natalya Dragunova

airline tickets agent

Valentina Chehlova

airline ticket agent

Oksana Chehlova

airline ticket agent

Oksana Semenova

manager of outbound tourism

Natalya Shashkova.

manager of outbound tourism

Andrey Kolosov

system administrator