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The Crimea, Ukraine

A land of contrasts packed with world featured historical spots, Crimea is a memorable vacation for everyone. Mountain chains of the South Crimea and miles of flat sandy beaches of the West and East Crimea will become a unique and beautiful setting for your holiday. Blending Orthodox and Muslim influences Crimean land keeps ethnic traditions of various nations. In summer season you can easily combine beach holidays with sightseeing. Explore ruins of Ancient Greek colonies in Sevastopol, medieval fortresses built by Genoveses in Balaclava and Sudak, cave towns & monasteries of Slavs, Goths and Karaites in the Central Crimea. Visit an age-old Place-Museum of Tatar Khan in Bahkchisaray and imperious summer Palaces of Russian Tsars in Yalta and the South Crimea. There are a lot of monuments devoted to the Crimean War and the World War II all over the peninsula. A truly unique place with captivating charm, Crimea has something for every holidaymaker.  

The most visited tourist destinations of the Crimea are Sevastopol and Balaclava, Yalta, Alupka, Miskhor, Livadia, Massandra, Nikita, Partenit, Gurzuf, Alusha, Sudak, Feodosiya, and Yevpatoria. On Laspi website you will find brief information about these spots and tourist attractions that you can find there.

South Crimea

Visit South Crimea with its unforgettable scenic beaches, warm climate, unique and dramatic mountain ranges. Stay in a resort hotel on the Black Sea shore for a beach holiday and opt for a couple of tours to explore former summer residences of Russian tsars and nobility, palaces-museums of Livadia, Massandra and Alupka. Budget variant is to stay in a holiday hotel of the Soviet times. Originally a few of them were summer mansions of Russian nobility. Southern Crimea is a spectacular place; don't miss a chance to admire its beauty!       

South Coast of Crimea can be divided into the main resort regions of Big Yalta and Big Alushta. Alupka, Foros, Gurzuf, Koreiz, Kurpaty, Laspi bay, Livadia, Miskhor, Ponizovka, Simeiz, and Yalta belong to the territory of Big Yalta. Big Alushta territory includes resorts of Alushta and Partenit.

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