Useful Information - Ukraine


The climate in Ukraine can be described as moderate continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters.  South of Crimea falls into subtropics climate zone similar to Mediterranean.  

The average yearly temperature in Ukraine varies between +5..+7 C in the north and +11..+13 C in the south.  January is the coldest month and July is the hottest.

The Black sea and the Sea of Azov have small climate influences, mostly in coastal areas. The warmest region is nearby the Black Sea, the coldest — in the north-east of Ukraine and in the mountains (Carpathians, Zakarpattia).

The average summer temperature in Ukraine is + 19 ° C and winter temperature is  -6  ° C. Although summers tend to be short, the temperature can rise up to the 30 C. Abundant precipitations is typical for West of Ukraine - Carpathians and Zakarpattia (up to 1600 mm/per year).   Ski season in Carpathian Mountains starts in November and it ends in April.  Frosty weather  in Ukraine with average temperatures below zero lasts for 1-2 months.


Climate of Crimea is dry subtropical. Southern coast of the Crimea has sub-Mediterranean climate. Crimean mountains obstruct the movement of cold Arctic air to the coast and create conditions for one of the best resort areas in Ukraine. 

Average yearly temperature in South Crimea is +13 C.  Average temperature in winter is 0 –4 ° C . Winters are mild and windy.  

Summer in Crimea is hot, sunny and dry. The middle of May and late September can be considered its borders. Average air temperature in May is 25 ° Celsius, in June - 29 ° C, in July and August - 32 ° C; Average seawater temperature in May and June is 19 ° Celsius, in July and August is 23 °, in hot years seawater temperature in July-August can rise up to 27 ° Celsius.

Relative humidity in Crimea is optimal for Europeans, ranging from 65-80%, which is good for breathing in hot summer months.

Number of sunny days in South Crimea is 250-270 per year with average summer shining 2200 – 2400 hours per year.


Required clothing: Light- to medium-weights are worn during the summer months. Medium- to heavyweights is needed during winter. Waterproof clothing is advisable for the winter, but all year in the Odessa region.


Local time in Ukraine = GMT/ UTC +2.


The currency of Ukraine is hryvna. Ratio of exchange is approximately 1 : 8 - dollar to hryvna, and 10:2,50 - Russian rouble to hryvna. Exchange rate is on the move, check out the ratio of National Bank. Currency exchanging bureaus are numerous, there are some in the airport, on railway stations and they work without breaks and days off. It is more secure to use services of exchanging bureaus, licensed with National Bank. We recommend you should exchange money in cities or towns, because at the health resorts the rate can be lower.


Automatic telephone connection in Ukraine, Crimea and Carpathians will not cause any problems. There are three leading cellular telephone companies in Ukraine. MTC, KIEVSTAR and "Beeline" are leading companies which use the standard GSM 900/1800/1900, CDMA, D-AMPS. It is easy to buy a start package with the cellular number of Ukraine and inform all your subscribers about it.


You can reach Crimea by air (airlines Aeroflot, Aerosvit, MAU, Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines, Turkish Airlines and others offer regular flights to Simferopol;, in the summer period you can take a regular flight from Moscow to Sevastopol, to Belbek airport). Regular railways service links Simferopol to all central cities of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Strait of Kerch train ferry and the seaport offer their services to cargo and passenger vessels. Seaport of Yalta is also intended for deep sea vessels passengers. Vessels from Sevastopol leave for Turkey every several times in a month.

There are ticket offices of intercity trolley buses, of the routes Simferopol- Alushta and Simferopol- Yalta on a railway square of Simferopol, on the right of the platform and the Clock Tower. It takes for an hour and a half to reach Alushta, and two hours and forty minutes to reach Yalta.  There are ticket offices of a bus station on the railway square of Simferopol, behind the car parking lot. Bus destination places: Yalta (via Alushta); Simeiz (via Alushta, Yalta); Yevpatoria - Peschanoe; Sevastopol (via Bahchisaray); Sudak; Feodosia.


Tradition to buy souvenirs in memory of the Crimea appeared long ago. We suggest choosing Crimean wine as a souvenir. It’s better to buy it in chain stores. Not only because they are cheaper but due to their better quality. Paintings, photographs and souvenirs of the Crimea. You can buy these souvenirs walking along the seafronts of Yalta, Gurzuf, Sevastopol, Alushta, Feodosia and Yevpatoria. We recommend you should buy ceramics of Khersones: jars, vases, pendants in Sevastopol; watercolors of Crimean artist in Yalta; herbal teas and essential oils of Alushta Valley and Crimean foothills in Alushta.