Slavsky (resort)

Slavsky  is a popular resort of Ukraine, distance from Slavsky to Lviv is about 120 km, the height is 750 m above sea level.  There are 5 mountains suitable for skiing with ski tracks of different complexity. There are 2 chair ski lifts, 17 rope tow lifts, a baby lift, 6 ratracks, 2 snow guns, 41 ski and snowboard hire shops, a ski training centre.  There are restaurants, a bowling club, a night club, discothèques offering their services for club-goers. There are several Europe-rated ski tracks in Slavsky. Mountain relief is varied what made Slavsky equally popular among beginners and professional skiers.  Due to natural location of mountain chains Beskidi and Gorgany surrounding Slavsky, unique microclimate here allows skiing till April with lots of snow and snowfalls in winter.

Located within 2 km from the settlement, Mountain Trostyan of 1232 m height is a true pearl of Slavsky ski resort. The best and the most interesting ski tracks are located on the Mountain Trostyan.  A chair lift, 8 rope-tow ski lifts (2 central, lifts a northern lift, 4 western lifts and a baby lift) are located on the mountain Trostyan.  There 11 official trails but you can easily make a ski trail of any complexity, even a black (super difficult) one. To be absolutely fair we should note  that beginners are better to take a professional instructor or ensure  that they have some acquired skiing skills otherwise they may not successfully ski downhill for at least 1 km long with altitude drops of 700-900 m.  There is a sport track on the central slope of Trostyan which is often used for competitions and trainings that’s why entrance to the central slope sometime can be restricted. At the foot of western slope there is so called Valley of Newbies , a well-known spot for amateur and beginner skiers. Excellent ski infrastructure is to the command of the tourists with luggage rooms, bars and food stalls with hot and alcohol drinks, shish-kebab and pastries.

Mountain Pogar is located in the central part of Slavsky ski resort, distance from the Mountain Pogar to railroad station is less than 1 km. There are three ski tracks of 700-800 meters long; ski trail complexity is intermediate to advance. Artificial lightening allows night skiing.  

Ski Lift Polytechnic on mountain Kremen is ideal for beginners. Distance from the central part of the settlement Slavsky to the ski lift Polytechnic on mountain Kremen is about 1,5 km (a 15-20-minute walk).  This ski spot is recommended for family res and for children. Safe, gently sloping trails are located in the proximity to the public roads which make this spot easy to access. Public catering spots, café and outdoor stalls with snacks and hot drinks are located near ski lifts ensuring fun and comfortable skiing. Three ropeway lifts are operating on the slope of Polytechnic: Polytechnic of 700 meter long, Concern Lvov of 600 meter long and the longest ropeway lift, FME located on the top of the mountain. According to the sport measure the slope of 1300-meter long is gently sloping.

For experienced sportsmen there are 4 ski tracks on the mountain Menchil (1072 m) in the hole Warsaw .

Skolevsky region

 Photo Name  Price           Type  Location  Rating Period
 Vezha Vedmezha price Hotel Украина (Skolevsky region) VIP year-round
 Zakhar Berkut price Hotel Украина (Skolevsky region) Prestige year-round
 Perlyna Karpat price Hotel Украина (Skolevsky region) Standard year-round
 Slavsky price Holiday Hotel Украина (Skolevsky region) Standard year-round
 Slavyanka price Hotel Украина (Skolevsky region) VIP year-round
 Terem price Hotel Украина (Skolevsky region) Prestige year-round
 Terem Children’s Camp price Kids and Teens Camp Украина (Skolevsky region) Prestige year-round