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Payment Variants

  • Please note! We strongly recommend starting your reservation well in advance, the best  reservation time is 10-14 days before your arrival (30-45 days before your arrival in high season);  If your request falls into the period of Ukrainian holidays it may take up to 7 business days to receive your money transfer. Usual time period for receiving money transfer is 2- 3 business days.
  • We accept wire bank transfers to our accounts in UAH / RUB / USD / EUR.  National currency bank account of Laspi Company and national currency bank account of Travel Agent Bazhenov are given in the Contract for Tourist Services (for individual travellers) and in the Travel Agent Agreement (for our Agents), in the main menu "booking" of Laspi website. Account of Laspi in USD and EUR currency is provided in the invoice – booking confirmation.

    Alternatively we accept cash payments in one of our offices Sevastopol, Kiev, Moscow, Mukachevo, Simferopol.