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News and Events in Crimea - 2013

Show-Ballet Program Carmen - Suite and Scheherazade performed by Stars of National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine. Sevastopol. July 18 2013.

Show - ballet program will take place in Sevastopol, the venue is Ukrainian Cultural and Information Centre, Address: Kamyshovaya Bay, 1 Pavla Korchagina Street.   The show - ballet program consisting of two parts - Carmen - Suite and Scheherazade starts at 19:00 on July 18 in Ukrainian Cultural - Informative centre in Kamyshovaya Bay.

Ballet Carmen - Suite

Ballet Scheherazade

Birthday of the Funa Tower, settlement Luchistoe, Alushta region. July 20 2013.

A festival dedicated to the birthday of the tower Funa in Alushta region will be celebrated on July 20 on the territory of the Tower Funa, a medieval tower and archaeological excavation spot will take place. Tower Funa is located at the foot of mountain Dimerdzhi, village Luchistoye in the Big Alushta.
Official Birthday of the tower Funa is July 19 1459, this date was engraved on a stone board founded in the place of excavation. 
The program of the festival includes equitation performance, knight tournaments, exhibitions of the knight’s armour and weaponry, paraglide flights, ballet , dancing, musical concert performances, drum and fire shows.

Funa Tower, Luchistoe village, Alushta Region

Musical Concert Performance “Moonlight in Chersonesus” by Tenors Belcante. Chersonesus National Reserve, Sevastopol. July 19-21 2013.

Vocal opera group Tenors Belcante will introduce musical concert performance “Moonlight in Chersonesus”. The performance will take place in Sevastopol in Chersonesus National History Preserve.

Tenors Belcante is a well-known vocal group who are inviting you to join this concert in Antique theatre of ancient Chersonesus.

Tenors Belcante performance

Tenors Belcante performance

Kuban Cossaсk Chorus Anniversary Performance. Officers’ Club of the Black Sea Navy. Sevastopol. July 25 2013 

Kuban Cossaсk Chorus is inviting you to join their show on 25.07.2013 at 19:00.  The anniversary celebrations will take place on the stage of Officers’ Club of the Black Sea Navy in Sevastopol, 9 Lenin street.  

Kuban Cossaсk Chorus performance

Kuban Cossaсk Chorus performance

Festival of music and contemporary art “Sosedny Mir” (Neiboring world). July 26 - 28 2013. Kerch.

IV Festival Sosedny Mir (Neighboring world) will take place in Kerch in the period of July 26 - 28 2013. The festival will join together different kind of modern arts, genres of music and musical bands from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia. You will enjoy listening to musical groups from Russia and Ukraine including Lyapis Trubetskoi, Knyazz, Alai Oli, «LOUNA» and Valentin Strykalo.

The festival program will include: conceptual photo exhibitions, night cinema shows, readings, theatre performances, handmade fair, acoustic nights, extreme sport competitions, master classes, and fire shows.

Vopli Vidoplyasova performance

Lyapis Trubetskoi Performance

Celebration of Russian Navy Day and the  Day of Ukrainian Fleet. July 28 2013. Sevastopol.

Celebration of Russian Navy Day and the  Day of Ukrainian Fleet will take place in Sevastopol on July 28 2013. The countries are celebrating their holidays together.  Traditional celebration of the Navy Day in Sevastopol will start from rising national, navy and holiday flags on Russian and Ukrainian fleet vessels.

Then the naval review will include sport - military performances including displaying certain elements of combat training of both fleets. On the quay of the seaport will be  exhibition of the armoury and military equipment including Ukrainian rocket launcher ship, patrol ship  and 11 weaponry and military equipment units of the Ukrainian Fleet.     

Ukrainian Navy will send 25 navy ships, motor boats and vessels, 10 military hardware units and  military equipment, 5 war sloops.   Commercial port rescue vessel, security vessel, state patrol ship of Ukraine.

There will be 15 episodes of sport-navy holiday including the sea-borne landing show from the landing craft Konstantin Olshansky which will land 10 armoured military units.  Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhe will take part in an episode of the navy show.  

 Ukrainian corvettes, sea trawlers, speedboats and other navy ships will take part in the navy parade.  The main celebrations of the Navy Day will take place in Sevastopol on 27 and 28 July and 31 July - 14 August. 

Kazantip Electronic Dance Music Fest. Popovka settlement, Yevpatoria. July 31 - August 14 2013.

Kazantip Electronic Dance Music Fest in Popovka, Yevpatoria offers a new musical entertaining program 2013. Dates of the KaZanpit Fest July 31 - August 14.

KaZantip Festival offers 14 dancing floors and music by the world creative DJs for anyone to escape life problems on summer holidays to sunny Crimea.  KaZantip is a place with breath-taking music 24-hour running. It's a month of non-stop music, discos, fun, love, freedom, beach and sun holidays on the best Black Sea beaches of Crimea. The event takes place in resort town Popovka in Crimea, South Ukraine. The nearest big city is Yevpatoria, within 18 miles away. Popovka has one of the longiest, widest, cleanest and most beautiful sandy beaches on the Crimean Coast. It is also known for its beautiful sunsets on the beachshore.  Line up of KaZantip Fest 2013: Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Reboot, Ferry Corsten, Pan-Pot, Anja Schneider, Sebo K, Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y., Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Marcus Schulz, Art Department, Maceo Plex, Pachanga Boys, Loco Dice, tINI, Guti, The Martinez Brothers, Raresh, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Dixon, Ame, Gerd Janson, Ellen Allien, Monika Kruse, Stacey Pullen, Adam Freeland, Stanton Warriors, Pendulum, Westbam, Tale Of Us, Claude VonStroke and others; parties by Mobilee, Cadenza, Get Physical, Desolat, Innervisions, Ellum Audio, Flying Circus, Dirtybird, Life & Death, Drumcode, Minus, brand parties from Rebel Rave, Arpiar, Circo Loco, Mushrooms, In  Beat We Trust.

FOOTNOTE. International sport-music festival Kazantip or Z respublic has appeared in Crimea in 1992. The fest events took place in Schelkino, in the region of Kazantip cape, East Crimea. Later the festival moved to Popovka, Saki region. The popular event attracts thousands of club party music fans from CIS and European countries.

Pearl of the Black Sea - 2013 Beauty Contest. Sevastopol. August 9 2013

Pearl of the Black Sea Beauty Contest

Bastion - Bike-Rock Festival  August 17 - 19 2013. Gasforta mountain. Sevastopol

In the period August 17 - 19 Sevastopol will become a venue for Bastion, a motorbike - rock festival.   It will be an opening to  the international bike show dedicated to 70-th anniversary of a II WW Battle of Stalingrad which takes place in Volgograd, Russia.  Motorbike rock festival Bastion invites bikers of Russia and Ukraine, CIS and European countries. The bike show will take place at the foot of Gasforta mountain in the outskirts of Sevastopol. Line-up is famous and widely loved rock and pop bands: Aria, Korol’ and Shut, Secret Service, Cruise, Stigmata, UDO, Chizh and Co, Night Snipers. In the end of the festival, on August 20, motorcade of bikers and festival members join together on Nakhimov square to go to Volgograd for celebrations.

Extreme Sports and Music Festival Z-Games will take place in Popovka, Yevpatoria region. August 14-19 2013.

 This year festival is opening under the name “The Spirit of Action” which symbolize the idea of Z-Sport of extreme and original sports.  Z-Games KaZantip offers excellent 24-hour music, beach and extreme sports including wakeboarding, kiting, breakdancing, BMX/MTB, skateboarding, bouldering and other extreme sports.

Fairy Town, International Festival of Progress and Positive Creation. August 17 - 26 2013. Malorechenskoye settlement, Alushta region

“Fairy Town” is synthesis of conference and traditional festival, developing programs and cultural events. Developing program is represented by practical master classes and trainings carried out by well-known masters.    Fairy Town is a unique chance for anyone regardless their age, experience, and background to come into light of creativity, communication, healthy and positive lifestyle.    “Fairy Town” is integration of physical, social and spiritual development.    Unique programs allow developing creative abilities in atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding, in harmony with nature and society.    Territory of the festival is free of alcohol and drugs.

Fairy Town Festival, Crimea.

Jazz Music Fest “Live in Blue Bay” September 4-8 2013. Koktebel

 This year the dates of Live in Blue Bay Jazz Fest are September 4 - 8 2013. The idea of the festival is an alternation to the easy listening music and show-bis pop projects.

International festival of street theatres. September 9 - 11 2013, Koktebel.    

Coordinators of the festival informed that the stage will be on Koktebel seafront. Performances of mimes, jugglers, animators, acrobats, fire shows will be on the festival. In the Koktebel you can take part in a theatrical master class or a seminar. 

Jazz Koktebel 2013. 12-15 September. Koktebel.

XI International Music Festival Jazz Koktebel 2013 will be carried out in Koktebel on 12-15 September.  Jazz Koktebel is a largest in Ukraine Open Air Festival. It takes place at a popular East Crimean resort Koktebel, Feodosiya Region. This unique place is also known as a unique natural reserve of Kara-Dag Mountain.

WineFeoFest - Wine Festival

The third wine festival WineFeoFest will take place on September 13 - 15 in Feodosiya. 

Dolphin therapy

Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea recommends: swimming with dolphins, a unique natural treatment of mental and physical disorder, will help  children suffering from autism to find new ways to health. A Dolphin-assisted therapy together with specially trained marine biological psychologists enable children with mental or physical disorders to find new ways to health.
Dolphin-assisted therapy is based on building-up contact to a specially trained dolphin. Under the supervision of marine biological psychologists, medical doctors and dolphin trainers the dolphin contacts to a patient.  It is known that the dolphin can feel the vibrations of a malfunctioning organ through his/her probing with ultrasonic waves. It is proved that through the sonic waves the spine and brain come into a resonance that stimulates the production of substances in the nervous system that in turn improve the functioning of the nervous system as a whole. Filled with energy and positive emotions the patient is released from stress, fear and tension through contact with the dolphin. The course of dolphin therapy usually takes at least ten sessions. The therapy is individually recommended by medical doctors according to the type and degree of a mental or physical illness.

Dolphine Therapy in Crimea.

Bicycle race Sapun Hill, in Sevastopol

Autumn lap of bicycle race Sapun - Hill  in XC (cross country) discipline is taking place in Sevastopol on September 22.

The race will join amateur and professional bicycle riders of all age for promotion bicycling and healthy life-style within public at large in Crimea and Ukraine and for stimulating and rising up personal sport results of the participants.

Requirements for participating the race: bicycle wheels of 20, 24, 26, 28 and 29 inches diameter, fault-free left and right breaks in working order, and the bicycles adapted to cross country racing.  The participants are divided into the following categories: Experts, Females, Amateurs, Kids. 

World bodyguard cup -2013

Multisport competitions - World Bodyguard Cup - 2013 is taking place in Yalta on September 21-24.

Bodyguards of 14 countries including Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, UAE, Russia, Romania, USA and Turkey are taking part in the competitions.  State security department officers, militia and officers of Ukrainian Ministry of defence who provide security of the country leaders and government will take place in this competition.

Cup program includes technique and tactic of walking assistance physical protection, hand-to hand fight, firing, going through  the obstacle course by car, searching of the explosives in the car, emergency medical care and  evacuation of the protected.

The main goal of the cup is rising up professional level of the bodyguards and skill sharing.

Reconstruction of the Battle of Alma 2013,  in Vilino, Bakhchisarai region

The reconstruction of the battle of Alma is taking place of VI war - historical festival of Alma.   According to Valeriy Naumenko, the head of Bakhchisarai historic - cultural preserve, as he reported to the memorial committee of the Crimean war 1853-1856 warriors

 preparation works for reconstruction of the battle of Alma are already carried out.   Face-lifting of the Vladimir Regiment memorial begun.   Crimean Republic committee of culture heritage protection has assigned 12 000 UAH for reconstruction works of the battle of Alma.

Traditionally before the reconstruction of the battle there will be a memorial lower-laying ceremony. Duration of the battle reconstruction is approximately  1,5 hours.  We have already chosen an appropriate ground for reconstruction, serving perfectly for the event. It is exactly the place where the battle of Alma took place in 8th of September 1854, Naumenko said.

Festival of Alma Affair will continue in Mikhailovskaya battery in Sevastopol on 29th September.

Expected number of participants is approximately 7 500.

Footnote.  Crimean War is the war of 1853 - 1856 between Russia and the aiilance of France, Great Britain, Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia. The first major battle of the Crimean War, the battle of Alma took place on the bank of the river Alma on September 8th (20th) 1854.

The Battle of Alma reconstruction - 2012

Air Brotherhood - 2013 International Aeronautics Festival

International Balloon Festival “Air Brotherhood 2013” will be held in Feodosiya on September 28 - October 2. The program of the festival will include international competitions of heat balloon air navigation (the Cup of Europe and the Cup “Running on Waves”) and the Ukrainian Championship in Air Navigation.

  About thirty colourful balloons will rise into the Feodosiya sky during five days. Flights will start from the airfield Karagoz, where magnificent sceneries of the extinct volcano Kara Dag and the whole South-eastern Coast of Crimea can be seen from the bird’s eye view. Guests will be able to watch the flight of the balloons from the stadium “Crystal” in Feodosiya.

Extreme Open-Air Festival “This Rocks!” will take place on 27 - 29 September in Kachi-Kalyon, Bakhchisarai region of the Crimea.

Festival invites everybody who enjoy extreme sports. You can take part in a competition of slackline, highline, rope jumping, rock climbing, mountain biking. The fest includes interesting musical and entertaining programs, extreme movies and master classes. 

Crimea Becoming More Popular for Cruise Tourism

Crimea is becoming more popular for cruise tourism as 25% more foreign ships entered the ports on the peninsula this year compared to last year, Crimean Resorts and Tourism Minister Oleksandr Liyev said at a meeting of the ministry's board on Friday.

"The fact that 25% more foreign vessels and 6% more Ukrainian vessels visited us this year compared to 2012 is a trend of the growing popularity of Crimea among cruise companies. This is despite the fact that the season navigation will still last until the end of October," Liyev said.

The minister recalled that Crimea was successfully participating in the cruise program "Six Resort Capital Cities of the Black Sea," which includes visits to Novorossiysk, Sochi, Feodosiya, Yalta, Odessa, and Sevastopol.

"This is one of the important areas for the revival of the Black Sea cruise tourism," Liyev said.

Information Resource: BSNews

Turkish Tourist Operators Regard Crimea as Alternative to Montenegro

Seven large tourist operators of Turkey stated about participation in the information tour in Crimea, which they regard as an alternative to East European resorts.

Currently, Crimea is regarded as a serious alternative to the tourist market of Eastern Europe, in particular, to resorts of Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Crimea evokes a great interest with Turkey both from the viewpoint of cultural-historical tourism and as health-improvement tourism,” Director of the Turkish Airline representative offices in Ukraine Serhat Fil has said.

According to him, an interest of Turkish tourist companies to Crimea grew thanks to abolishment of the visa regime between Ukraine and Turkey.

The information tour of Turkish tourist operators will be held in October this year. Within its frames, visiting of hotels and health resorts is planned on the peninsula. Currently, the Crimean Resorts and Tourism Ministry prepares a list of objects, which will be included into the information tour program, and expects a round-the-year flow of tourists from Turkey in the perspective. In particular, in September-October, 1,500 Turkish children will familiarize with Crimean points of interest.

Information Resource: BSNews

Six Earthquakes with the Magnitude of More Than 3.0 on October 06, 2013 in the Black Sea Countries’ Region / Map

According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, there were 6 earthquakes with the magnitude of more than 3.0 on October 6, 2013 (according to Coordinated Universal Time – UTC) in the Black Sea countries’ region.

 The strongest ones, with the magnitude 5.4, took place in Romania. 

Date & Time, UTC



Depth, km


Region name

2013-10-06   23:46:00.0








2013-10-06   23:44:59.9








2013-10-06   21:20:47.0








2013-10-06   15:34:59.0








2013-10-06   07:15:47.0








2013-10-06   01:37:21.0








Reference Note:
Earthquake Hypocentre - the point  of the beginning of a fault.
Earthquake Epicentre - the projection of the hypocentre onto the Earth's surface
Earthquake Magnitude - the amount of energy released by an earthquake in the form of seismic waves. Earthquake intensity - a measure of amount of the earth tremors at the territory, covered by the earthquake; depends on of the magnitude and depth of the hypocentre.
Different countries use different scales of earthquake intensity. In Europe, Russia and the United States a 12-point scale is used.

Information Resource: BSNews

German Cruise Ship ARTANIA in Yalta, photo set

230-metrs long cruise liner ARTANIA owned by Germany based Phoenix Reisen fleet moored in the port of Yalta in the morning of October 08 2013. The vessel left the port in the same day evening at approximately 19:00 to head Odessa.

Built in 1984 at Helsinki New Shipyard, Finland, the beautiful ARTANIA differs from modern mega liners by her elegant construction which one can witness from the photo set by Yalta photographers: Nikolai Kovtun, Tatiana Guchakova, Ilya Zhirnov, Michael Leontiev.

Approaching to Yalta, next to Ai-Todor cape, Artania outperformed Michael Lomonosov, a river-sea cruise liner. It resulted in wonderful pictures on the background of  Swallow’s Nest Castle.

ARTANIA: Type of the vessel: Passengers ship. Year of shipbuilding: 1984. Dimensions: 230 m X 32 m. Gross Tonnage: 44588, Vessel Tonnage: 4661 t. Speed (max/average): 18.9 / 13.9 knots. Flag: Bermuda. Call sign: ZCDM7. IMO: 8201480, MMSI: 310456000.

Builder: Stx Finland Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland. Owner: Artania Shipping. Cruise line:  Phoenix Reisen. Double occupancy/max occupancy:  1122 / 1200. Crew:  420

Home port: Hamilton. Class society: Lloyd´s Shipping Register. Builder: Stx Finland Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland.

The first name of the ship is Royal Princess. The ship got her name after the princess Diana the princess of Wales at a ceremony on 15 November 1984.

The vessel was renamed Artemis in 2005. The ship was renewed by German Lloyd Werft (Birmingham). The vessel was completely renovated by May 2010. The captain of the ship became Sara Brenton, a second world female captain of a cruise ship.

The next renovation was in May 2011, when the vessel got her name Artania and she left the wharf Lloyd Werft to serve Phoenix Reisen Cruises, a 30-year experienced German operator headquartered in Bonn  Except Artania, Phoenix Reisen owns liners Albatros and Amadea. All vessels belong to PREMIUM class.

Cruise Schedule:

Venice, Italy (03 Oct d2000); Izmir, Turkey (06 Oct 1200-1800); Yalta, Ukraine (08 Oct 1000-1800); Odessa, Ukraine (09 Oct 0900-1900); Constanza, Romania (10 Oct 0800-1800); Istanbul, Turkey (11 Oct 0800(+1)1300); Volos, Greece (13 Oct 1000-1900); Santorini, Greece (14 Oct 1100-1800); Dubrovnik, Croatia (16 Oct 0700-1300); Venice, Italy (17 Oct a1000)

Liner ARTANIA has already sailed in this season. In April 2013 she entered the Black sea to visit 5 call on ports

1-st Cruise Schedule:

Venice, Italy (12.04.2013 d20:00); Katakolon (Olympia), Greece (14.04.2013 13:00-19:00); Piraeus (Athens), Greece (15.04.2013 11:00-18:00); Istanbul, Turkey (16.04.2013 17:00(+1)18:00); Constanza, Romania (18.04.2013 08:00-18:00); Odessa, Ukraine (19.04.2013 08:00-17:00); Yalta, Ukraine (20.04.2013 08:00-16:00); Sochi, Russia (21.04.2013 09:00-18:00); Sinop, Turkey (22.04.2013 10:00-17:00); Mykonos, Greece (24.04.2013 11:00-17:00); Dubrovnik, Croatia (26.04.2013 07:00-13:00); Venice, Italy (27.04.2013 a10:00)

This liner will visit call-on Black sea ports in October:

Cruise Schedule:

Venice, Italy (17 Oct d2000); Izmir, Turkey (20 Oct 1200-1800); Istanbul, Turkey (21 Oct 1300(+1)1800);Constanza, Romania (23 Oct 0800-1800); Odessa, Ukraine (24 Oct 0800-1800); Yalta, Ukraine (25 Oct 0900-1700); Volos, Greece (27 Oct 1000-1900); Santorini, Greece (28 Oct 1100-1800); Dubrovnik, Croatia (30 Oct 0700-1300); Venice, Italy (31 Oct a1000)

Information Resource: BSNews